About Us


Who we are

Catalyst Ventures was founded in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in 2010 to capitalize on the region’s rapidly increasing private and public investment in advanced industry; driven by robust diversification and liberalization policies, favourable economic prospects, and deepening capital markets.

In such dynamic markets, a business’s “value creation” model is quite different from that in more developed economies; where it is based on industry consolidation and driving capital and operational efficiency.  Here, it is about growth, and businesses diversifying and transforming themselves; creating opportunity where opportunity previously wasn't available.

In this context, Catalyst’s multidisciplinary team, drawing on direct investment, management consulting and program expertise, has supported the deployment of capital by the some of the region’s leading private equity groups, corporates, and family offices; to expand their portfolio’s, developing ventures in high-value manufacturing, technology, automation, and energy sectors.

Since 2016, Since then, we have become increasingly specialized in:

  • Energy ventures - on the back of improved economics - driven by rapidly decreasing deployment costs and the phasing out of the regions historical energy subsidies.
  • Emerging technologies - driven by national industrialization plans aiming to increase high value-added industrial and manufacturing activities, boost competitiveness, transfer know-how and localise technology.


What we do

We are an execution driven advisory firm that focuses on developing, executing and managing complex ventures that are:

  • Potentially disruptive of markets/technology and business models, or are connected those global megatrends that impact the Middle-East economies. 
  • Relevant to the economic diversification, energy and industrial policies within the region. 
  • Have knowledge transfer, capability development and localization of value-add activities as core-pillars of long-term value-creation strategy.  

Within this context, we work with government, corporate and private equity clients to structure strategic partnerships, direct investments and acquisitions that deliver strategic goals and financial results as well as creating enduring social and economic value.


Our approach

We view opportunities through a different set of lenses and look beyond transactional, deal-focused objectives.  We are execution driven “business builders”, and bring a clear focus on value maximization, beyond the typical financial engineering playbooks of other advisors. As operating partners, we have skin in the game, and tell you what you need to know, not always what you want to hear. We bring unique perspectives associated with hands on operating experience over a long period of time in a variety of industries and economic climates - not simply the analysis of management consultants.  

We strongly advocate leveraging operating capabilities in investment decision-making. A 360-degree operational assessment of a business venture is a key part of our evaluation process – where we seek to determine:  

  1. “What are the sources of value, and how do we prioritize and capture these?” 
  2. “Can the operating performance be materially improved through this deal?”  

As these questions suggest, determining value for business venture is not so much a matter of discounted cash flow, EBITDA multiples or balance sheet ratios — although these are clearly important — as much as it is a function of the assessment of the operational risks and earnings potential of business being examined.