Advanced Energy




Advanced energy is a broad range of technologies, products, and services that constitute the most effective solutions for meeting energy needs today and tomorrow. 

In 2016, advanced energy represented a $1.4 trillion global market – almost twice the size of the global airline industry, and nearly equal to worldwide apparel revenue. 

Today, electric and plug-in hybrid cars, hydrogen fuel-cells, high-performance buildings, energy-saving industrial processes, high capacity wind turbines, on-site and utility-scale solar power, and nuclear power plants are all examples of advanced energy, as they diversify energy sources, reduce health and environmental costs to communities, and use energy resources more productively.

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Catalyst Ventures develops and managed ventures in four advanced-energy sectors, namely renewable energy, distributed energy, energy storage, and smart energy management systems. Within these sectors, we have a specific focus on technologies and services that are most relevant to the Middle East. 

Most recently we have managed the following projects:

  • Acted as advisors to a NYSE listed firm in developing a strategic cooperation with a leading Middle East SWF to develop pilot projects for distributed power technologies, and assess the potential to establish in-country manufacturing.
  • Structured a strategic alliance with a vertically integrated Chinese renewables energy firm to develop decentralised and industrial PV projects in Saudi Arabia.
  • Developed the technical and operational partnerships necessary to establish an integrated energy services company in Saudi Arabia, and the bankability / risk framework underpinning the project finance agreement with a leading regional private equity firm.