Emerging Technology




Nations with established industrial sectors are stronger, more resilient, highly skilled and better placed to deal with economic volatility. Throughout the Middle East national development plans now put significant emphasis on industrialization and manufacturing as part of economic diversification efforts. The UAE aims to boost the manufacturing sector contribution to GDP to nearly 20 per cent by 2021, up from 14 per cent in 2014.  Saudi Arabia plans to create 450,000 manufacturing and industry jobs and localise $74b of content under its Vision 2030 programs. 

For the region, industrialisation presents great opportunity for several reasons: 

  • Globally, nearly 80% of R&D financing is spent on the manufacturing sector, which accounts for 70% of trade. The region's geographic placement, at a confluence of East-West and North-South trade flows places it in a strategic position to capitalize on the growing trend to manufacture closer to the point of consumption. 
  • Being a relatively new player in global manufacturing and engineering has its advantages. The Middle East is not encumbered with legacy investments, and can swiftly embrace new technologies and build skills and expertise at a pace other regions may struggle to match. 




Catalyst Ventures is focused on emerging technologies within specific areas of regional industrial and manufacturing value-chains, that have compelling drivers and rationale for localization. We have worked on projects that include autonomous systems, additive manufacturing and robotics.